A Temporary Vow Of Silence?



People on the spiritual path often take a vow of silence, getting deep introspection into both inner and outer reflections. But how long does a vow of silence need to be? Can we get the benefits of a long term vow of silence in a short period of time?

What happens when a person is silent for a long period? Outer noise goes first then, inner noise diminishes. When quiet is allowed to reign, sound takes on a new quality. Especially sounds in nature: the breeze, the rustle of leaves. Silence makes room for a deeper listening and can lead to a profound inner calm.

You don’t have to be a monk or live in a monastery to take a vow of silence. It’s easy enough to change your outlook on silence by simply saying “I will not talk for one day”. If one day is too much, then dedicate just one hour.

To attain complete silence, turn off the television or any noisy appliances and just be; or you can busy yourself with some kind of chore in silence. If something comes up and you need to speak, say as little as possible and then resume your vow of silence. This can have a profound effect on your state of mind and your outlook on dialogue – especially your internal dialogue.

During times when I have taken even a short vow of silence, I have discovered for myself how special words really are. When your vow of silence is complete, it may sound funny but words become special again; they are no longer taken for granted. I would encourage anyone to give this a try. It’s as easy as deciding to do it and then following through. Try it today for the next hour: make a promise to yourself that you will be in complete silence for just one hour and see what happens.

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Silence The Monkey Mind

The monkey mind, always chattering. Ceaselessly it goes on, day and night. Invading our every moment; Every moment! Can we not have one second of peace? No, we have to steal it. We have to focus on the silent mind in order for it to work. Otherwise, the monkey jumps right in and keeps chattering away. Talking and more talking.


To ourselves… does that even make sense? Why would I need to talk to myself if I already know what I’m thinking? Don’t mentally insane people talk to themselves? Here’s the difference: insane people talk to themselves out loud, while the rest of us do it in silence.

Why not quiet your mind every day? Why not quiet your mind every chance you can get, even if just for a few seconds? “But I can’t quiet my mind. I have tried and it doesn’t work.” – they say. If you say that, then this method has a high success rate of quieting the mind. This is a famous tip, most people know it, but it really does work. Try this for just a few seconds. Try breathing on purpose and pay attention to the breath. Pay attention to how it feels, how it sounds, smells, etc. Give the monkey something else to focus on. Breathe on purpose and let that voice in your head go on and talk if it wants to. Meanwhile, continue to concentrate on the breath. Always come back to the breath, no matter what distractions the monkey wants to chatter about.

Once a person learns to silence the monkey mind, it no longer butts in on your experience of what’s happening now. The moment becomes much more enjoyable. Since only a small portion of our brain is responsible for creating words, this could be the key to being able to tap into otherwise unused portions of the brain and find deep wisdom, inner genius and endless creativity.

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What’s Inside The Carlos Castaneda Books?

The Carlos Castaneda book series has had an effect on many people, for many different reasons. Starting in 1968 as a work of Anthropology, the series ends up turning into the story of a sorcerer’s apprentice. First, appealing to the drug culture of the time for it’s reported first hand account of the use of hallucinogenic agents in this sorcery initiation, and moving into the 1990’s, appealing to the mass search for spirituality catching on at that time.

castaneda time

Castaneda received rave reviews from large publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, Deepak Chopra, Life Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and many others. His books have been published in the millions under categories such as NONFICTION, OCCULTISM/PARAPSYCHOLOGY, BODY MIND AND SPIRIT. Castaneda ended up surrounded by scandal before he passed from this Earth. There was a significant amount of support to discredit the works of Carlos Castaneda and there are books and blogs all about compiling information against him. It seems that some people dedicated their life’s work to disgrace and dishonor his name.

So where does that leave the people who’s lives the Castaneda book series has affected? I myself have experienced and verified that the methods, practices and ideas presented in the books are true. There is still no way to prove that, other than by the accounts of people who have experienced it; Similar to when a person sees a UFO, and even though they can’t prove it, they now believe in UFO’s. Some would claim that this is all psychological, and that the brain is tricking the believer of the perceptual input. Others would say that magic is real and that it doesn’t matter if the books were made up by apes using sign language, as long as the information contained in the books has usefulness.

The twelve books in the series are summarized here for the sake of reference as to the contents of each work. Whether taken as a story, a curiosity, an idiotic fraud or a manual for life, I present to you: The Carlos Castaneda Book Series.

castaneda books

The first book: “The Teachings Of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way Of Knowledge” begins with Carlos meeting Don Juan. Amidst Carlos’s ramblings, Don Juan gives Carlos a look that numbs his thoughts and stops Carlos talking in mid sentence. Don Juan takes his leave and Carlos is left determined to find an explanation of the how and what of Don Juan’s look.

castaneda don juan

Carlos finds Don Juan and asks him to be his informant on peyote. Don Juan resists at first, but eventually allows Carlos to participate in a peyote ceremony. During the ceremony, don Juan receives an omen from the deity related to the peyote plant: “Mescalito”. Don Juan takes this omen as a sign from Mescalito that Carlos is to be Don Juan’s disciple. From there, Don Juan introduces Carlos to more hallucinogens as part of his initiation. Don Juan uses Peyote, Jimson Weed (Datura), and a psychotropic mushroom to introduce Carlos to the idea that reality is more than meets the eye. The wild hallucinations of Carlos, combined with commentary from Don Juan and his compatriots is highly thought provoking and in some cases, downright hilarious. This book comes to a conclusion when Don Juan pits Carlos against a powerful female sorcerer in order to spur him to learn more about the sorcerer’s path. This encounter proves to be too much for Carlos and he resigns from his apprenticeship – for now.  The Teachings of Don Juan

seperate reality

A Separate Reality begins with Carlos returning to Don Juan after several years leave, in search of answers to questions that he had after publishing his first book. Coming back to Don Juan ushers Castaneda straight back into his sorcerer’s apprenticeship. This time Don Juan is focused on teaching Carlos to see and Carlos is resisting using hallucinogens, because he wants to record a sober and accurate account of the results.

Don Juan wins out on the argument that the hallucinogens are a necessity, not for every sorcery initiate, but for Carlos in particular. Book two in the series goes deep into the details of seeinga perceptual tool used by the sorcerers of Don Juan’s lineage to interpret the universe. This book is full of adventure and insight, with pages and pages of questions about perception from Carlos and answers from the legendary seer Don Juan. Toward the end of the book, Don Juan enlists the help of his cohort in sorcery, the enigmatic Don Genaro, to help Carlos learn to see. The magic of the series really starts bubbling up with A Separate Reality.

journey to ixtlan

The third book in the Carlos Castaneda book series, “Journey To Ixtlan” begins with Carlos explaining that he had edited his field notes to focus on the topics that he considered important at the time of his writing his first two books. Journey To Ixtlan is somewhat of a rehashing of Castaneda’s notes. This time, revealing what Don Juan had taught Carlos about a phenomenon known as “stopping the world”. Stopping the world consists of realizing that the reality we have been perceiving is merely a description of reality, taught to us and every other living being as a means to collaborate, get along with each other, and understand our world.

In order to elicit this act of stopping the world, Don Juan presents Carlos with a set of recommended activities and ideas to implement, which are revealed in this book. These ideas and activities are presented as: #1 Erasing personal history, #2 Losing self-importance and #3 Using death as an adviser. Treks into the wilderness, laced with sorcery shenanigans and encounters with the supernatural, continue into the heart of magic as Don Juan once again recruits his sorcery associate Don Genaro to teach Carlos about power, mystery and the discovery of the esoteric life of a man of knowledge. Journey To Ixtlan is a must read if you are at all curious about the Castaneda Series.

tales of power

Tales of Power, Castaneda’s fourth book, picks up right where Journey to Ixtlan leaves off. This time, Don Juan has decided to teach Carlos about arriving at “the totality of oneself” and seeking the “sorcerer’s explanation”. This book starts right into perceptual strangeness when Carlos has “an appointment with knowledge” and is coached by Don Juan to use seeing in order to view a mushroom shaped representation of several people from the vantage point of the back porch of Don Juan’s house in Mexico.

Carlos in finally given the task of seeing Don Genaro, who appears right then and there, in the flesh. Don Genaro claims that he arrived by means of sorcery, when he noticed that Carlos was seeing him. From that point on, Don Genaro appears to Carlos again and again to show him amazing feats of perception, such as “the double”: a copy of himself arrived at through dreaming. Don Genaro’s double attempts to shake Carlos’s view of reality by showing him that perception is not a thing to be taken for granted.

Later in the book, Don Juan introduces Carlos to the idea of the Tonal and the Nagual, a basic dichotomy of all things inside and outside of existence. Don Juan’s efforts culminate into the end of the apprenticeship when Carlos must pass a test to complete the teachings. Carlos must jump straight off of a sheer cliff and use sorcery in order to “unfold the wings of his perception”, before he hits the ground, to save himself from being dashed against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff. Carlos must accomplish this feat before Don Juan and his party of sorcerers leave this world forever, in search of the incomprehensible, and the clock is ticking. One of the best reads in the entire collection, Tales Of Power is perhaps the definitive work of Castaneda to this day.

second ring of power

The Second Ring Of Power picks up two years after where Tales of Power left off. Carlos had taken a leap from a cliff and disappeared, while Don Juan and his party of sorcerers had left the world, never to return. Carlos finds himself conflicted as to whether or not he had actually jumped into an abyss. He returns to Mexico in search of answers, but in the absence of Don Juan, Carlos goes to the house of one of Don Genaro’s disciples: Pablito.

At Pablito’s house, waiting for Carlos, was Doña Soledad: Pablito’s mother. Doña Soledad was apparently trained by Don Juan to assassinate Castaneda and attempts to kill him when he comes to visit. After fighting off Soledad’s attack by the intervention of some miraculous force which comes out of the top of Castaneda’s head, Carlos finds himself in a deadly game with several more of Don Juan’s other disciples, known as the little sisters. When Castaneda fends off their attacks, he has officially passed Don Juan’s test.

Another disciple called La Gorda shows up and explains that Don Juan had set up the attacks in order to test Carlos and to signify that his training was complete. Explanations and extraordinary weirdness rolls in as Pablito, Nestor and Benigno (fellow sorcery apprentices of Carlos) enter the scene and La Gorda reveals the final pieces of Don Juan’s teachings. Taking on a whole new pace, The Second Ring Of Power transpires in just a few days time and sets a whole new premise for this form of Ancient Mexican Spirituality.

the eagle's gift

The Eagle’s Gift conveniently picks up from where The Second Ring Of Power leaves off. Carlos is working with the other apprentices of Don Juan and Don Genaro to tackle aspects of their teachings such as: losing the human form, stalking, dreaming and seeing.

The apprentices have accepted that they are now the new sorcerer’s party in Don Juan’s lineage of sorcerers. They reorganize amongst themselves with Carlos as their leader or their Nagual. Carlos teams up with La Gorda and they work together to hone their abilities at seeing and dreaming.

Through their work of dreaming together, they eventually realize that there were memories within them both; teachings and dealings with other members of Don Juan’s party of sorcerers that they had forgotten. These teachings were given to them in a special state called “heightened awareness” in which learning is deeply ingrained into the subconscious of the sorcery apprentice, to be recalled and reassembled at a later time.

The last part of The Eagle’s Gift entails the struggle of Carlos and La Gorda to remember these teachings and integrate them into the complete teachings that they were introduced to. The Eagle’s Gift brings about a whole new aspect of Don Juan’s teachings, which comprise the next three books of the Castaneda series: The task of remembering what was taught to them during their states of heightened awareness.

fire from within

The Fire From Within goes into great detail about the origins of Don Juan’s knowledge. As the years go by and Carlos is able to recall more and more about what Don Juan taught him during his states in heightened awareness, Carlos Castaneda begins The Fire From Within with conversations about “The Old Seers” of ancient Mexico.  Don Juan goes on to explain how the old seers stumbled upon hallucinogenic plants and began to examine their experiences and the effects that those plants had on their consciousness.

Over hundreds of years, these ancient seers discovered extraordinary ways to manipulate consciousness and developed a variety of systems which allowed them to achieve unbelievable feats. Through trials and tribulations, their knowledge evolved into the system which Don Juan and his party subscribe to and they now call themselves “The New Seers”. Their knowledge is comprised three major aspects: The mastery of awareness, the mastery of stalking and the mastery of intent. The Fire From Within deals with the mastery of awareness taught to Carlos in order to prepare him for his final test as Don Juan’s apprentice: the act of jumping into an abyss.

Carlos describes some very fascinating aspects of Don Juan’s knowledge including the assemblage point, dreaming, inorganic beings, the earth’s boost, the death defiers and eventually the fire from within. Apparently, the culmination of Don Juan’s teachings is to achieve a state of total awareness, where a person ignites, in one instant, all of the possible perceptions available to a human being. This simultaneous activation of all that can be perceived causes the person to burn with the energetic force of awareness, transforming them into pure consciousness, free from the constraints of corporeal convention. Burning with the fire from within leads the practitioner to a state of “Total Freedom”, liberating them and allowing a complete spiritual ascension beyond time, space and existence as we know it. The Fire From Within is a real page turner and takes the book series to a whole new level, which can leave the reader questioning more than just the nature of existence.

castaneda silence

The Power Of Silence is another recounting of more of Don Juan’s teachings from heightened awareness. Where The Fire From Within deals with the mastery of awareness, The Power Of Silence is a compilation of the mastery of stalking and the mastery of intent, elucidated through sorcery stories. Don Juan tells Carlos stories about the Naguals of their sorcery lineage, demonstrating a pattern that the abstract, intent, or the spirit uses to reveal itself to human beings.

According to Don Juan’s sorcery stories, intent tries to reveal itself to everyone equally at all times. The reason that we don’t notice intent, is because we are all so busy being distracted by our daily concerns. Next, intent resorts to trickery in order to get our attention, thus bringing in the mastery of stalking. Each sorcery apprentice is therefore lead to their connection with intent through their sorcery benefactor’s mastery of stalking, in connection with intent. An abstract work of symbolic gestures, The Power Of Silence takes a somersault of thought into the unknown.

art of dreaming

The Art Of Dreaming is more or less self explanatory by the title. This book is once again, further stories of teachings that have been recollected from earlier states of heightened awareness before Don Juan and his party of sorcerers left the world as we know it.

Carlos goes deep into the aspects of Lucid dreaming, guided by help from the female members of Don Juan’s party, and ends up dealing with forces from the realm of the Inorganic Beings. This work is full of mysteries and so called “easter eggs” from the knowledge of the sorcerers of ancient Mexico. The Art Of Dreaming is a great read for those who wish to take their dreaming to the next level, and beyond!


The active side of infinity is a collection of stories from Carlos Castaneda’s life. Carlos claims that he compiled these stories on Don Juan’s suggestion, as a means to redeploy unused energy from those events. If a sorcerer reorders the memorable events of their life into a collection, it can allow them a vehicle for the emotional and energetic adjustment needed to venture into the unknown.

The book coaxes the reader and hints about another mind within each of us. A mind that Don Juan refers to as a foreign installation. It is not until later in the book, in a chapter named “Mud Shadows” that Carlos reveals that Don Juan had shown him a special type of inorganic being known as the flyers. According to the sorcerers of Don Juan’s lineage, the flyers had given us their mind eons ago, thereby taking over total control of our lives. Our thoughts are their thoughts, and we are their food. They create emotional events in our reality to cause flare ups in our awareness, in order to feed on that energy. To learn more about the flyers, don’t miss out on The Active Side Of Infinity.


The Wheel Of Time is a collection of quotes selected from Castaneda’s first eight books. According to Castaneda, the collection of quotes began as an attempt to collect a series of quotes that would be interesting to read and ponder. Instead, the collection of quotes took on their own momentum, hinting at a deeper meaning. The quotes seemed to draw Carlos into a mood of the sorcerers of ancient times. Sorcerers who had razor sharp focus on a mysterious force that they called intent. By using this force, those ancient sorcerers were able to manipulate the wheel of time. Instead of being stuck perceiving time the way that average humans do, these ancient sorcerers were able to see time not only as it recedes from them, but also as it advances upon them, in the other direction.

The Wheel Of Time encapsulates another perspective of our world, set in motion by a force greater than human comprehension, and steeped in the struggle of the spiritual warrior. An ongoing work of human understanding is contained in this book.

magical passes

Magical Passes is a whole different kind of book, set apart from the rest of the Carlos Castaneda series. This is a book full of hundreds of explanations and illustrations of a system of movements discovered by the shamans of ancient Mexico. The purpose of these magical passes is the redeployment of energy, which has been pushed away from our energetic vital centers during the stress of every day life. This energy, which has settled on the periphery of our luminous spheres, is agitated and redeployed back to our centers of vitality, through the performance of these magical movements. Think of Magical Passes as kind of like the sorcerer’s Tai Chi.

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How To Raise Kundalini – Chakra Cleansing

When you Balance your Chakras, Kundalini Energy is able to flow freely. So what happens next? First of all, what is Kundalini and this talk about balancing Chakras?

Kundalini is a powerful spiritual energy believed to be located near the base of the spine. When Kundalini is raised, one Chakra at a time from the base of the Spine, all the way up to the top of the head, it can unlock miraculous human potentials and release your hidden genius. When you nurture your Energetic Spirit with Kundalini Energy, miracles can become commonplace, luck is on your side, and a mystical light glows within you. You can become Divinity.

This legendary energy can be awakened by cleansing your Chakras, one at a time, allowing them to open and let pure cosmic energy flow through you -connecting you to your higher self. Otherwise known as an awakening.

Each Chakra requires its own specific strategy to open the Chakra and clear the way for Kundalini energy to flow naturally and permanently. Stay with me here, as I explain what causes each Chakra to become blocked and how to cleanse and open each individual Chakra. Please be sure you are in good physical, spiritual and mental health before attempting to perform any of the techniques in this post.


Opening a random Chakra won’t do much good if there is no energy flowing to it. Kundalini energy lies waiting at the base of your spine in the Base chakra so that is where we need to start, to get that energy awakening.

  • The Base Chakra or Root Chakra is associated with primal energy and relates to your most basic survival needs. This Chakra can become blocked by fear. Energy becomes blocked in Chakras just like water in a stream can become blocked by debris. You must let go of your fears and allow them to flow downstream. What keeps most people down in life is that we are holding on to traumatizing emotional events. Everyone does it; after all it’s only natural to hold on to things. That is how we learn and grow. You can let go by identifying your fears and deciding to let go. It’s as simple as that: We are in control of our status if we want to be. Once your Base Chakra is clear, Kundalini will rise to the Sacral Chakra.



  •  The Sacral Chakra is our energetic center of passion and pleasure and it can become blocked by guilt. If you, like many others, are holding on to some kind of guilt from sometime in your life, you will need to identify what event may have caused this guilt and forgive yourself. Life happens – and along the way we do our best. It’s time to forgive yourself and let go of your guilt so that it can flow downstream. Meditate on this if you need to, but know that it will be pointless to move on to the next Chakra if the previous ones remain blocked. Once your Sacral Chakra is clear and open, Kundalini will rise to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

solar plexus

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra is the center of willpower, confidence and self-discipline. This Chakra can become blocked by shame. Have you ever felt ashamed of something you have done? This shame can block your confidence and willpower. The path to cleansing this Chakra is acceptance. Accept yourself for who you are; accept yourself as you are and Kundalini will rise up to your Heart Chakra.aura


  • The Heart Chakra is our center of pure love. The Heart Chakra is the central Chakra out of our seven chakras. A unifying Chakra and a center of healing. This Chakra can become blocked by grief. Grief and loss can be tough to deal with and letting go of grief can take time. Keep in mind that love eventually heals all wounds; let love heal your grief and move on. If you succeed in letting go of grief, then Kundalini will be allowed to rise up even further to the Throat Chakra.
  • The Throat Chakra is the center of truth and can be blocked by lies. Whether we lie to ourselves or to others, it is a sure way to block your energy. If we accept ourselves then there are no need for lies. Positive affirmations of acceptance can be very useful for cleansing the Throat Chakra. Speak the truth and your Kundalini will rise to your Third Eye.


  • The Third Eye Chakra is our energetic center of deep insight. An open Third Eye Chakra can give us access to inner guidance and extra-sensory perception. This Chakra is blocked by illusion. It’s been said by many that reality is an illusion. Many have said that, because many have seen the truth: Reality is an illusion. We live in a
    reality of separation, where we exist in a world as a complete unit, apart from everything else. Reality, according to those who have seen it, is that everything is connected. Not only is everything connected; everything is all one and the same. We are all part of one singular consciousness. We are all each other – we are everything. Realizing the true nature of reality will cleanse your third eye and safely open it for good. – More information on Opening Your Third Eye (blog post). Finally your Kundalini can rise up to the Seventh Chakra on the top of your head: The Crown Chakra.


  • The Crown Chakra is the energetic center of thought and is related to pure cosmic energy. The Crown Chakra is blocked by earthly attachments. If you wish to raise Kundalini fully and allow pure cosmic energy to flow through you, putting you in touch with your eternal self; then you must let go of your earthly attachments. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your home and live on the street with nothing. You can still have things, just give up your attachment to them. This is why people on the spiritual path do sometimes give away their belongings – because attachments weigh us down. If you wish to fly, you must become light and fluid and our attachments slow us down.

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Methods of Divination

Divination: The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.
Divination spells can be used to find an answer to a question that you have. There are many kinds of divination – from palm reading to oracles and the psychic hotline, divining has been in practice in one form or another at any given time in the entire history of mankind – arguably.

If you are the kind of person who likes to try things out , then divination might just be for you. I have compiled my top 8 techniques, derived from “The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells”, to interpret the divine. These techniques are for you to try and see what happens. Some of us have special gifts, we just need to unwrap them! Enjoy Alphabet Divination, Crossroads Divination, Pendulum Dowsing, Bird Divination, Bibliomancy, Coin Divination, Snail Divination and Wax Scrying. Each method carried out, step by step in this audio – visual guide.



  • One type of divination spell is the alphabet divination. First, write the letters of the alphabet several times each on individual squares of paper; or you could also use Scrabble blocks. Place the pieces inside a jar. Shake them up and spill the letters onto the floor or table. Look for words to provide answers to your question.


  • Crossroads divination. The crossroads divination is based on an old Persian tradition. Go to a crossroads or a place where people gather, and just loiter. Hang around discreetly, listening to the words of passers-by. Little one-liners or snippets of conversation. Try to apply them to your situation, considering whether the words are useful or not.


  • Dactlyomancy. Dactlyomancy involves divination via a suspended ring. Traditionally a wedding ring is used although any ring would be equally suitable. Pluck a few strands of hair and suspend the ring from those hairs. The ring will answer questions from the person whose hair it has suspended from or from anyone that person suggests. Gently begin to swing the ring – ask a yes-or-no question. If the ring begins to move in a clockwise direction, the answer is yes. If the ring begins to move counterclockwise, then the answer is no.


  • The ancient system of augury is the ancestor of modern bird watching. Augers used to foretell the future by observing birds and their flight. Ancient Romans had a codified and rigid system, designed to decipher messages based on the movement of birds. First, formulate your question. Then scatter birdseed or crumbs onto the ground. Step back and watch the birds partake and depart. If the birds fly off toward the right, your answer is affirmative. If the birds fly toward the left, your response is negative; if the birds scatter and fly all over the place, you lack the
    information needed to make a decision. If the birds reject the food, it doesn’t mean that the oracle didn’t work, it could mean that your question holds more significance and greater implications than you realize. Reconsider the question as well as all possible consequences.


  • Bibliomancy. Basic a bibliomancy is a way to answer your
    questions by using a book. First, formulate the question and close your eyes. Flip open a chosen book; stick your finger on a word or passage. Read and interpret the answer deriving whatever meaning you see fit.


  • Coin divination. This is a simple one that most of us have probably used already. If you have a yes-or-no answer, then simply flip a coin. Heads means yes, tails means no. You could just dig any coin out of your pocket for this… Some people like to use a special coin and treat that coin with the same reverence that they would a pack of tarot cards.


  • The snail spelling divination. If you can find a snail or slug, you can sprinkle ashes or flour on an area of the ground and release the snail or slug into the middle. Let the snail or slug travel as it pleases. As it moves, it will leave a trail behind. When it leaves the circle , look for words or shapes that look like words to resemble the answer that you’re looking for.


  • Next we have Ceromancy, divination by melted wax. Basic Ceromancy consists of melting wax, possibly in a double boiler if needed – and then gently pour the wax into ice-cold water. The wax will harden upon impact with the water and solidify. Once it is solidified, remove the wax and interpret the shapes as needed. Try some of these divination spells and let me know what you think. These spells and many more like them can be found in The Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells.



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