Nature is all around us

Nature is all around us, depending on how you look at it. I see a fly on the window as a creature of nature. It has all of the instincts of any other animal in the wild. The only difference is that it lives in our world, which in my opinion is just another part of nature.

Then again, for those of us who live outside of the city, the idea that nature is all around us is usually apparent. When I first moved out of the city and into the country, I used to stop the car and pull over any time that I would see a deer. I would stop and marvel at the beautiful, majestic and gentle creature before me. After 10 years of living here, I am careful when driving at night, because they frequently jump out into the road.


But I do enjoy nature every chance that I get. A while back, I took a little drive out onto the desert plateau and spotted some Pronghorn Antelope. I took some footage and did a little research. It turns out that pronghorn are not antelope at all, but rather the descendant of an ancient deer from the Ice Age. Pronghorns have remained unchanged for millennia and are one of the only mammals to have remained unchanged from that time period. Just exactly how the Pronghorn survived, while so many others went extinct is not entirely understood. Perhaps their keen senses and sheer speed played a role in this. Pronghorn antelope are the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. Pronghorn can survive for days without water and have padded cushions in the front of their hooves to keep them sure-footed at top speeds. Their hair even comes off as a defense against predators; that way, a predator gets a mouthful of hair instead of flesh when they attack. Pronghorn Antelope live in wide open grasslands, plains or desert. With eyes as large as an elephant providing 300 degrees of vision.

Grasslands are a perfect habitat for Pronghorn as they’re able to spot predators from up to four miles away and keep a safe distance. Pronghorns tend to live in isolation. I usually see just two or three at a time and I’ve only seen them in a larger group on rare occasions.

Please enjoy this video footage on YouTube of the Pronghorn Antelope pictured above:

Every time that I spotted any antelope, they would see me from far away and began to flee. I never even got close to any of them. I am so happy with my new camera that I got this summer. I really wanted a camera with good zoom but I didn’t want to break the bank. I found the Powershot Camera with 50X Zoom Lense for a great price on Amazon here: Cannon Powershot SX530 HS – and I could not have even seen these beautiful creatures on a regular camera with digital zoom. I love the Zoom – The Cannon Powershot has a 50X zoom lense and also has an additional digital zoom that will take you up to 100X. When I first got home and charged my new camera, the first thing I did was go outside and take a picture of the moon. I was impressed with the image, especially considering the affordable cost of the camera.


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