Silence The Monkey Mind

The monkey mind, always chattering. Ceaselessly it goes on, day and night. Invading our every moment; Every moment! Can we not have one second of peace? No, we have to steal it. We have to focus on the silent mind in order for it to work. Otherwise, the monkey jumps right in and keeps chattering away. Talking and more talking.


To ourselves… does that even make sense? Why would I need to talk to myself if I already know what I’m thinking? Don’t mentally insane people talk to themselves? Here’s the difference: insane people talk to themselves out loud, while the rest of us do it in silence.

Why not quiet your mind every day? Why not quiet your mind every chance you can get, even if just for a few seconds? “But I can’t quiet my mind. I have tried and it doesn’t work.” – they say. If you say that, then this method has a high success rate of quieting the mind. This is a famous tip, most people know it, but it really does work. Try this for just a few seconds. Try breathing on purpose and pay attention to the breath. Pay attention to how it feels, how it sounds, smells, etc. Give the monkey something else to focus on. Breathe on purpose and let that voice in your head go on and talk if it wants to. Meanwhile, continue to concentrate on the breath. Always come back to the breath, no matter what distractions the monkey wants to chatter about.

Once a person learns to silence the monkey mind, it no longer butts in on your experience of what’s happening now. The moment becomes much more enjoyable. Since only a small portion of our brain is responsible for creating words, this could be the key to being able to tap into otherwise unused portions of the brain and find deep wisdom, inner genius and endless creativity.

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How to open your third eye: differing perspectives

The third eye has always been a hot topic to those with a curious interest in extra sensory perception. The third eye is mentioned in pop-culture and is also revered in antiquity.
When a person today seeks to find ways to open the third eye, they find a barrage of ideas, tips and techniques from multiple disciplines; each referring to the third eye in their own ways.
The one thing that everyone agrees upon is that the myths and rumors are true. The third eye is a gateway to special human abilities. Such a gateway often comes with warnings and dangers, for good reason. The human psyche is a delicate thing. We are all creatures of habit, and anything which disrupts this mode of habit can cause mental breakdowns. I have seen it happen among good friends of mine and they were never the same again.
If you are strong, curious and determined, then maybe it is time to open your third eye. Almost any of the techniques that you read about or find will be successful in activating and opening your third eye. Try them and have great confidence; what matters is your intent.
I recommend further research if you really do want to open your third eye. Below is a video explaining 5 different methods or techniques for opening you third eye. Below that video are book recommendations for more advanced research. Just click the links to view information about each book. Thanks again for stopping by!


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