How to plant a garden in winter

Have you caught yourself thinking about gardening or gazing at your snow-covered garden, longing for spring? If you have garden fever this winter then wait no longer. Some seeds can benefit from time outside in the cold. Continue reading to find out what you can plant this winter and kick the winter time blues.

Not only can most seeds survive outside during the winter, but some seeds and plants such as asparagus seeds can benefit from a period of freezing temperatures. Asparagus plants naturally fall over during the winter, increasing the chance that the berries (pictured below) will deposit their seeds onto the soil, giving them an opportunity to take root and get an early start in spring.

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Many of the times that I have planted asparagus in spring, few to none of the seeds have ever sprouted. So now I plant them in the fall; or if I miss that opportunity it is just fine to plant them in the dead of winter. If you want to plant a garden in the middle of winter, let nothing stop you. Clear the snow in any way you can and get to digging. This winter has been mild here, but if need be, I won’t hesitate to clear a path using a snow blower.
If the ground is frozen you may have to get out your pickaxe to break up the soil.

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This could get you some strange looks from the neighbors – but they’ll be looking for different reasons when your garden is dwarfing everything else around come springtime. I am planting asparagus seeds, early peas and wildflowers. Wildflowers like Echinacea, Calendula and Blue Flax work great for winter plantings, giving your garden some early color and also providing an attraction for beneficial insects. Other seeds and plants that do well in winter include onions, spinach, lettuce, garlic and carrots.

Cover your seeds and plants and make sure that they have enough water as the snow melts into spring. Just click the blue affiliate links that I have provided to check the current prices for seeds and plants available right now on Amazon, just in case you want to give it a try this winter.

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