Why Did I Start An Observation Beehive?

Last year during the long winter months, I was daydreaming about how it would be cool to have an ant farm. The ants would prosper and get big enough that I could install a tube that would let them outside. They would bring things inside, and I would get to see all of their activities.

Later on, I was thinking about Honeybees and the tough time that they have been having lately. I wished that I could somehow do my part and thought about getting a backyard beehive and then – the two ideas clicked together.

Instead of an ant farm, I will have a BEE FARM! IN THE HOUSE! This will be so cool and I will get to see the inside of their hive and watch larva develop into adults and learn. I was so excited about this idea.


So I went for it. I Started putting pipes together and making things. I ordered a nuk of bees – A nuk of bees is usually about three pounds of worker bees and a freshly mated queen. Apiaries sell nuks once a year in the spring, so if you are going to make or purchase an indoor beehive yourself, then order the bees now, from your local apiary (honeybee distributors) before they sell out!

I learned so much about bees from doing this. I went from having a vague knowledge of honeybees, to looking up articles about honeybees pretty much every day for about the first month after I got them. Did you know that bees use yeast fermentation to make a pollen based, probiotic superfood known as “bee bread”? Or what about where do they get their wax? It turns out, they produce wax from several glands on their abdomen. These glands turn the honey into wax by way of fatty acid synthesis.

They bees made honeycomb and filled it with honey at an alarming rate. Be prepared to install an expansion is one thing I have to say. This is one of the coolest things that I have done in years and has made me feel very excited about being an active part of honey bee preservation. Plus I get to show it off to all of my friends! Below is a short video I made on Youtube about how to install your own aquarium observation beehive, plus a list of all of the supplies needed to build it – and also a link to some pre-made observation beehives, in case you want to check out the best prices on Amazon.

Here is a list of the supplies I used to build the beehive:

Empty Aquarium

Polycarbonate Tubing

Window Screen

Elmer’s Wood Glue

Wooden Slates

Light Duty Staple Gun

Or, you could check out pre-made Observation Beehives

Please feel free to leave a comment, I really appreciate your interest in this segment; the internet and I would like to know what you think about it.

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