Manifest Abundance Using Your Sixth Sense

Your Sixth Sense is active at all times and is giving you signals. Signals that can help to guide you to where you want to be in life. You can train yourself to tune in to these signals and learn to use your sixth sense to manifest abundance.
The non-physical part of yourself communicates with you from beyond. Your inner being speaks to you through your emotions. If there is something you are wanting and you are not getting, there is often a feeling of frustration involved or maybe if you have been wanting this thing for a long time then you may even be at the point of despair, because it feels like you will never get there.
These negative emotions are a sign from your non-physical self that you are pointed in the wrong direction. If you stay focused on the details of what you are not getting, then you will never get to where you want to be; so you have to find a better way of thinking about it in order to get yourself headed in the right direction. You need to get less specific with your thinking and to go general. The specifics of the situation are that you do not have what you want
and that you feel like it’s not coming; but generally speaking, some people do get what they want so it’s possible that someday it could come to you. So you see how that feels better? If you can think about what you want in a general way, then you can start to change the way you feel about it and you will be moving more in the direction of where you want to be.
Have you ever noticed someone who is optimistic, determined or excited about something? Have you ever been there yourself? When you are confident and courageous and just go for it, you usually make the basket; you put in the work, you do your best
everything is working out and you are loving it! That is the state of mind of success. The energy level that we need to get to and then everything just starts working out for us. The way you feel when you make a statement about what you want, will give you a clue that you are on the right track. So the trick is to find a statement that feels better. Let’s use the subject of money as an example. So if I say that I don’t have enough money and that I feel like I’m never going to get ahead, that doesn’t feel very good and people get stuck in that place. Then they look at their bank account and that just proves it to be true. So a more general approach would be to
say that there are people that are making it and getting ahead and that feels a little bit better. So next you could say that a raise or a promotion is is likely to come your way and if you believe that, then you are turning more and more in the direction of what you want -and you can switch your focus from despair and turn your attention to the possibility of actually getting what you want. The reason that positive affirmations don’t always work is because we have to believe in what we are saying. If I jump straight into saying that an overabundance of money is flowing to me now, well that can be hard to believe – because my bank account says otherwise. It can be difficult to focus your attention on something that you don’t believe and that is why we need to find a general statement that we can get behind and gradually work our way toward the right direction. Your inner being will let you know by giving you a clue about how a given statement makes you feel.
So maybe you are in such a deep place of despair about the subject of what you are wanting, that you just can’t seem to find any point of view that gets you going in the right direction. If that
is the case, then it can be a good idea to look for evidence of well-being in your life experience and get some momentum going based on what is working for you. Reach for something that you sincerely feel that can support your belief that you are in a good place. In other words, start by counting your blessings and focus your attention on those things in order to get your Mojo going. Once you get to a place of optimism, a place of hope, you can
prepare your point of Attraction to accept that more good things are sure to come. If you can believe it, then more good things are
sure to come. What is your inner being telling you right now? Can you find the way to focus your attention on what you want and believe that it will come?

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