Everyone Meditates

Meditate definition: med-i-tate ~ verb: To spend time in quiet thought or absence of thought, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.

By that definition I would like to propose that everybody meditates every day without even knowing it.
Have you ever caught yourself staring into space and zoning off? Maybe you just needed to meditate for a bit. Or perhaps you are not prone to daydreaming, but even the most task oriented person can get overwhelmed and needs to take a deep breath now and then to organize their thoughts.
That breath is a quick and much needed meditation. More and more people are recommending daily meditation for it’s many benefits: stress reduction, improved concentration, increased happiness, boosting immunity, slowing down the aging process and the list continues.

What stops most of us from setting aside time for meditating daily is that we either have more productive things to do, or we would rather be doing something else with our free time. We don’t necessarily have to set aside free time to meditate.

Most of us have small chances every day to steal a few breaths: when you’re stuck in traffic, traveling up and down the elevator, standing in line, etc. We can all reap the benefits of daily meditation. All it takes is to quiet the mind, focus on one breath – just breathe in and out, paying attention to the feeling of breathing without any internal commentary.(takes a very deep breath) there, I just meditated. If you can take a second breath then more power to you.
I try to find the little places in my day to meditate and so can we all. Try it out and see how you feel. Let me know what you think, and thanks for stopping by!

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